Since 1983 ETON stands for ultimate listening experience, our passion, our demand, our impetus for you: Quality „Made in Germany“. Top products with emotion and technical precision. ETON - the art of German engineering with internationally renowned design and technical know-how. The pursuit of the best possible music reproduction is in every ETON component. Developed and produced in Germany, ETON home hi-fi components define the standards for quality. State-of-the-art production techniques, automated design cycles and the most precise quality controls guarantee the highest level of quality and workmanship. 



The Arcosia Series stands for the highest musical requirements ever posed to a loudspeaker chassis. Arcosia is uncompromising sound quality. The anodized magnesium cone was perforated in an extremely elaborate procedure and covered with an olefine film. In interaction with the covering olefine film, these perforations form fine, bubble-shaped arches, which work like small partial vibration absorbers and therefore prevent the development of all modes to the greatest possible extent. In addition, this merger of the two components offers a more than exclusive appearance, which is second to none on the loudspeaker chassis market. The special two-component cone technology confers excellent musical properties to the Arcosia Series, primarily expressed by its excellent tonal balance and warm sonic characteristics. Sonic space is authentically represented with striking nonchalance, giving rise to the impression of a multichannel system. Additional attention was paid to the ferrite magnet system. The magnet geometry’s special design makes the magnetic field almost perfectly symmetrical in order to generate excellent vibration behavior. The particularly effective ventilation of the magnet system, with its optimum air circulation and heat dissipation, ensures minimized compression effects in dynamic musical passages and large amplitudes. 


The Hex Symphony II Series is the logical development of our successful patented Symphony I Series. All of ETON’s expertise has been poured into the development of the Symphony Series. For the first time, the specially patented production process enabled the three-layered sandwich type of construction in combination with aramid fibers and their hexagonal internal structure. Maximum rigidity and excellent internal absorbing action are therefore guaranteed. The manually applied coating also supports neutral cone behavior and provides the surface with visual depth. The Symphony II midrange drivers and woofers create unique sound spectrums typical of Hex. The sound features are harmonic, smooth reflections of the overtones and distinctive, light midranges. A precise and powerful bass is created in the woofer range. All Symphony II chassis are characterized by a high degree of musical imaging and an impressive soundscape. The ferrite magnet geometry’s special design makes the magnetic field almost perfectly symmetrical. 


Our Orchestra Series with traditional paper cone, newly interpreted with ETON’s expertise. The special, radial ribbing and long-fibred, highly absorbing paper mixture creates a very high degree of impulse fidelity and precision, even at extremely high levels; not to mention the resulting individualized appearance. The special paper mixture guarantees homogeneity by preventing mode formations at all representable frequency ranges. The Orchestra midrange drivers and woofers are characterized by their natural, warm sound. This results in a balanced, well-contoured and soft midrange. In the low frequency range, our Orchestra is more than convincing with its voluminous and impulsive bass response. With its multiply ventilated and flow-supporting cast basket, the ferrite drive ensures that any occurring compression effects are reduced to a minimum.


The computer-aided development of the loudspeakers in the mechanical and electrical field supports the effectiveness and accuracy of the product development. A large database helps to translate past experience into the future.

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